What did you do Monsieur Bugatti ?

A few days ago Bugatti announced the new model Super Sport which produces 1200 horse power to reach 430 km/h speed! That’s really amazing and exciting. Also this hormone fed Veyron is offered by orange and black colours. This colour combination is a symbol of new Veyron. This PR campaign is very well designed to reflect Super Sport’s super character but there is a minor problem.
Recently Citroën announced new DS3. Like Mini, this is a rebirth of an old iconic model. Everything is normal until now. Citroën decided to offer a quicker version of DS3 and called it DS3 Racing; excellent! And they revealed the pictures of Racing version, this 200 horse power version of DS3 is shown with orange and black colours!
Two French car manufacturers are revealing their quicker versions and they are using same coloured cars for their press release. I have nothing to say. I have never been to France, maybe this is something traditional in French car industry but a very funny coincident. We learn one thing from this; if you wish to release a quicker French car, paint it to orange and black :) And if you cannot afford to buy a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, just buy a Citroën DS3 Racing; they are in same colour :)
Pictures are taken from;
Citroën and Bugatti Websites