Wrong message from Audi!

Audi and Quattro; they are like Pamela Anderson and her boobs. Like we cannot think about Pamela without her boobs, we cannot consider Audi without Quattro. Quattro is the sophisticated four wheel drive technology of Audi. When you buy Quattro model of any Audi model, you will have four wheel powered by engine. And also this means, you have more money than people who bought a normal Audi. Silicone free Audi.
Honestly, I like four wheel drive because the place where I live, it snows and I don’t like to drive a front wheel or rear wheel drive car on snow. If you have an Audi Quattro, you will go around without any problem on adverse conditions. This means; snow, rain and similar things.

But if you are living in Cyprus, Malta, South of France or anywhere without snow you will not need a four wheel drive car. There is no point to have a four wheel drive! Especially with Audi Quattro! As the normal or cheap Audis are front wheel drive and this means, your car will under steer. Under steer is short form of you could not afford to buy a Mercedes or BMW or Ferrari or Maserati. Front wheel cars tend to slide straight while fast cornering or under heavy acceleration during the corner and this is called under steer. You approach to a corner a bit faster with front wheel car and you end up with the tree from front. If you have a rear wheel drive car, in same condition when all other variable are constant you will again hit to tree from the back side of the car. The rear wheel drive slides its back and this is very enjoying. Reference Top Gear video! If you buy a Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati or anything rear wheel drive; you can slide the back of the car with pure enjoyment.

With Quattro? As the Quattro is four wheel drive system, you might think nothing will happen, it will neutral. As I mentioned, Audi loves its cheap soul, Quattro cars under steer! They slide from front like a front wheel drive car and you won’t have any enjoyment. Why? Because, you don’t enjoy when your VW Golf is under steering! Very basic. Therefore, I am not a fan of Audi Quattros! But I would prefer a Quattro Audi, if I have to buy an Audi.
So, Audi interpreted and analysed this problem and they came up with a great idea. Sport Rear Differential. From the Audi TV video, many of you will not understand anything about Sport Rear Differential. Actually this optional extra costs about extra € 1500, turns the boring Quattro into a hard core Quattro. With this mechanical toy, your Quattro will slide like a rear wheel car, like a Mercedes. You can burn you rear tyres while cornering or when full throttle on corner, it will slides its end :) After this optional toys, I started to like Audi Quattros :)
I think Audi should mentioned this more simple on their footage. The cost of enjoyment in an Audi? Just around €1500 !

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