Alfa Giulietta: Hard to pronounce but worth to drive!

I really don’t like to talk about test drive experience of mine. It is a limited conversation, I cannot discuss about other subject that easily. And also you can drive the car and have your own opinion.
However I am breaking this principle for Alfa Romeo Giulietta. This new Alfa Romeo is a replacement of 147. And it is nearly impossible to pronounce it properly. Nissan Qashqai was the hardest brand to be pronounced but Giulietta replaced its place :)
This new Alfa Romeo is a competitor for VW Golf, Ford Focus, Audi A3, BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A Class, Seat Leon. But it is totally different its competitors. I do know that you will be thinking, this is an Alfa and it will definitely break down. Hopefully that’s old story, Alfa is not a catastrophe anymore.
Giulietta is a new chapter for Alfa Romeo, it is not cheaply built. You can feel the renaissance! And Alfa’s desire to erase its bad reputation. Hopefully it is really good car. It is not a luxury like an Audi A3 but it drives much better than an A3! The DNA button next to gear lever, is a civilized version of Ferrari’s manettino. You can choose between Dynamic, Normal and All Weather. And magic happens with Dynamic!
The magic happens inside the corner, mostly front wheel drive cars have very high tendency to under steer and hit to tree directly. This is very usual and expected behaviour from ridiculous front wheel technology. And you don’t push throttle inside a corner but with Dynamic mode, you can push inside the corner with Giulietta.
I don’t care about other things, I don’t care whether it has xenon headlights or park sensors. The engine, electronic and drive train have a great harmony and you don’t pay attention to the rest. Giulietta is one of the most enjoying car I have driven for long time. Even though it has four doors but you never feel that you are driving a family hatchback!
I would like to thank you Richard Aucock for the beautiful Giulietta photo :)
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Alfa Romeo and Richard Aucock