Art of automotive: Ferrari 599 GTO

Probably last six months you might heard this song We No Speak Americano, most probably in everywhere. This old Italian song was covered by Australian group called Yolanda Be Cool and became very popular in short time period. Actually I am not very good song review but I do understand one thing, if it is Made in Italy, everyone listens to it.
While I was searching this song on YouTube I found the original version which was released in 1958 by Renato Carosone. And the original name was Tu vuò fà l’americano (You want to be American). As I found out that this song was Renato’s one of the most popular song and we understand this by finding its video clip very easily in 2010!
Of course if I speak about Italy, I cannot ignore the Ferrari. It is like Italian songs, it never lose its passion and soul even though the many years have passed over. As Tu vuò fà l’americano’s new cover was released, Ferrari also released a new GTO. It might not sound something very special for many people, especially if you were born after 1990s it won’t mean anything to you. But the GTO is the Ferrari’s Tu vuò fà l’americano.
GTO name was only used three times in Ferrari’s history. First one was the 250 GTO (1962), second one was 288 GTO (1984) and the third one is the 599 GTO (Today). GTO means one thing, this car is a classic from the production and you cannot own one, you just look after for the next owner! This is a very classic sentence but that’s truth, their owners disappear but GTOs keep living. I think GTOs can be explained with one sentence, Art of Automotive. All of these GTOs are state of art car for their era, honestly they are the state of art for automotive industry. Forget the VW powered Veyron or Zonda with Mercedes AMG engine! Ferrari 599 GTO is something which cannot be expressed with words.
I still remember the my childhood and playing with small Ferrari 288 GTO, it was an excellent, beautiful, powerful. You can find anything you need from a supercar but GTOs are not supercars, they are the definition of supercar! Ferrari 599 GTO is not that popular on media and it is not on Guinness Record book for the fastest something. But who cares? It is only produced 599 and they are all finished!
Most probably their owner’s will not drive that much, may be they will never drive them. 599 GTOs will be kept like a paint on your wall. You cannot find a mistake in a GTO, everything was designed for one purpose. For speed but not like Veyron’s air plane style of speeding, this speeding is an art from Ferrari. 599 GTO is one of the fastest Ferrari on planet right now, in many circuits it is nearly impossible to beat this car even if you thousands of horsepower. But the real thing is, we might see one in our life and we never forget that moment.

Ferrari GTOs are the only car which can be placed in Uffizi Gallery!

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