Eatable Ferrari

On weekend I have seen totally unbelievable, I am pretty sure that many of you have never seen these things before. Actually this ridiculous thing can be considered as the edge of marketing and lunacy of human kind.
The unbelievable thing is insect oriented foods and drinks. You did not read wrongly or I did not make any mistakes. A company called Edible based on UK decided to produce candies, vodkas, chocolates with insects. Hopefully insects are from farms, in other words they are domestic. Their level of being domestic is similar to domestic tigers.
Vodka is offered with scorpions, chocolates are with ants, candies are with something which I have no idea. And interestingly people are buying and probably eating these stuff.
After I saw this very creative things, an idea popped up in my mind. Ferrari Store can also offer these! Sure, they can offer Ferrari Vodka with Formula 1 car’s cylinder heads. Engine valves covered with candy, chocolate covered wheel nuts. However the chance of living after eating and drinking these things will not be very high.
But there is no need to put real engine parts into chocolate or vodka. Just produce them from eatable things and cover with chocolate :) I am pretty sure that someone will buy and eat fake engine valve covered with chocolate.
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Ferrari and Me