Fat Free Ford Fiesta

I think many of us do not pay attention to advertisements on Gmail website. While you are checking your emails many different advertisements appears on top and we consider them very seriously. Sometimes those advertisements can have wrong information.
Recently a Ford advertisement appeared on my Gmail and I was shocked. Because, the advertisement was mentioned something which does not existed on Ford’s product range mini SUV! Ford does not have any SUV at mini size. There is only Kuga and that’s not something mini, okay for American market it is mini but in Europe that’s something normal size.
With a huge curiosity I clicked the advertisement and I end up with Ford Fiesta! Yes, Ford Fiesta which does not have anything common with an SUV. For normal consumers, Ford Fiesta will be the mini SUV of Ford. And they will be asking this mini SUV in dealer and everything will be overlapping with each other.
In other words, this advertisement is like a advertisement from McDonald’s which says fat free chips and you end up with Big Mac burger.

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