Justin and Dania in Audi A1

Audi A1’s six episode web series is not something very new. I should have mentioned it earlier. But I wanted to wait and see what really A1 is. A1 is a small luxury mini size car. That’s very obvious, no can deny it. Probably A1 is the most luxury mini currently available on market.
The alternatives of Audi A1 is Mini, Alfa Romeo MiTo, VW Polo, Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500. More or less there are other alternative available also. Except Mini, the rest is not offering very high luxury like A1. I can clear say A1 is the most luxury mini size car available on market.
The level of luxury a bit misunderstood by the PR team. The web series are the best PR campaign I have ever seen. Nobody can deny this fact, thanks to Justin Timberlake and Dania Ramilez succeed a great performance. The composition and the quality of the series are much better than many TV series, even better than some of the movies!
There is no problem with this, but the problem is web series are better than the A1. They are beyond the A1 image. For my opinion, A1 is just completing the composition on series. If you look A1’s details, you can understand that it is not that exquisite. The series defined A1 like a miniature size Bentley but that’s not a small Bentley, it is just a smaller Audi. When customers get use to A1, they will realize that the series was a production.
My main point to write this post is the sudden manoeuvres in the video. Unfortunately Audi A1 does not have independent rear suspension like Mini. In civilized language, A1 does not have a very good rear suspension and handling abilities are limited, also comfort also limited. The reasons to prefer this suspension are; more space at the back and cheaper! However when you don’t have independent two wheel at the rear, you sacrifice handling and comfort.
Will customers care this? Of course not. The impression of PR campaigns will compensate this problem and people will buy an overpriced and uncomfortable Audi. And I really wonder how the A1 on series managed those tricky manoeuvres. Help of computer? It will be a mystery like who is the Stig on BBC TopGear.

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