Maybach reincarnation with the help of eye-glasses

In many different thoughts people believe on reincarnation. They believe they will born again in a different life. Honestly I don’t know very much in this issue. But I do know that Mercedes also believes this :)
And in 2002 they re-introduced the Maybach brand, sorry I used totally wrong sentence structure. Mercedes reincarnated the Maybach in 2002. And they failed! For people who has no idea on Maybach I would like to explain briefly.
Maybach is a type of Mercedes S Class (1999-2006) which is fat, ridiculously expensive and offers everything technology. Actually you need to have a course to understand how to use all these technologies effectively. However, Maybach started to lose market share and could not compete with Rolls Royce. And this was expected to happen.
But Mercedes did not give the fight like a gladiator and introduced something else which was never thought my Rolls Royce! Maybach eyewear collection. I can understand a reason to buy Maybach, despite being lack of soul, it offers very exquisite quality of comfort for the passengers.
But who is going to buy a eye-glass with huge Maybach logos? This product is much more impossible to be sold than the car. Why do you think place a car in front of your eyes! Were there any demand from Maybach customers. Yes, we want to put a Maybach in front our eyes and we are waiting for this very long time.
By the way there is price information, I am very sure that it will be cheaper to buy a optics factory instead of this buying Maybach eye-glasses :)
I really wonder the logic behind this product.

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