Mercedes C63 AMG inside your iPhone

Popular culture is something which we try to avoid but we cannot escape. Since 2007 I avoided iPhone, because everyone had it and it become more common than carrying your national identification card. Owning an iPhone became something like, entering an invisible group.
Also the other irritating popular culture icon is the new Mini. Like iPhone, everyone wants to own one and I don’t see a point to a buy a Mini. I can understand iPhone but Mini no way!
As you might understand, I own a iPhone4. Unfortunately the world mobile application business drag me to iPhone4. Nearly every brand has an application for iPhone and it is quite hard to experience them in somewhere else.
Anyway as I have the excitement of mobile application world. I immediately started to install automotive related applications starting from Rolls Royce Ghost. And Mercedes for sure. Interestingly Mercedes keeps its passion alive for making malfunctioning products. In 2000s, Mercedes was the king of producing malfunctioning car and it reach the peak in 2003. After that they revised their mentality and things became better.
Interestingly someone in Mercedes still has the passion of malfunction but in mobile applications. After installing the Rolls Royce application I found an application for Mercedes C63 AMG. The application was designed in US, you can understand from the bumper lights on both sides of the car. Application is very clever, you can experience sound of C63 AMG, pictures and videos !?! Actually you cannot watch videos because the software is trying to run flash based video on iPhone.
Unfortunately iPhone and Flash are not working together, everyone knows this thing. And the second funny thing is the non-functioning back button. You just enter a menu and you cannot go back, you have to exit the application and run it again! I have never seen these kinds of basic problems in applications.
But is this application belongs to Mercedes or Daimler AG? That’s main point, the application looks very corporate but does not function properly and this is very common in corporate applications. But is Mercedes this senseless to release an application like this? Actually I have no idea and I wrote this blog on purpose to see their reaction. May be someone from Mercedes tell whether it is real or not.
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