Mercedes crashed to iPhone again

Once again Mercedes and iPhone. This time I am pretty sure this application is made by Mercedes! You might heard to new E Coupe which replaced the CLK model. Theoretically (in law of Mercedes) E Coupe is totally a different car than the old CLK! If you ask them, they can address hundreds of differences between E Coupe and CLK and why it cannot be named as CLK! This is Mercedes, like a science fiction movies anything can be possible.
As the E Coupe is something totally different, Mercedes followed a different marketing strategy. And involved with popular culture item iPhone. There is a special application for E Coupe! You might remember that E Coupe was introduced with models and this application is based on this. You suppose to find matching pictures against ticking time.
But there is a problem, during the intro of application it says “we can choose vehicle and model” but it is impossible. As I told you, Mercedes is very good at science fiction and cost cutting. And this application is great example for this. The vehicle and model button in options do not work. I tapped many times and nothing changes. I cannot choose neither vehicle nor model.
I don’t did anyone complain for this but it is a bit unfortunate for Mercedes brand.
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