New Bentley Chateaux GT, No Continental GT

It is quite hard to start writing about Bentley Continental. Usually, I start writing my blog and finish in couple of minutes. But this time I couldn’t start like that. May be I was excited the by the press release today.

Bentley’s “cheaper” model Continental GT model will be face-lifted soon. Honestly, this car is my favourite. It has everything which you can expect from a car. Exquisite in every detail despite it is based on a VW Phaëton. I think I am attracted by this huge amount of power and daily usability.

It is offering 610 horsepower in a seven star hotel comfort. It is a bit interesting combination. I would like to explain this to people who has no idea how hard to combine these two things. I think the best basic explanation is a chateaux attached with four wheel and capable of flying. Sounds ridiculous but Bentley offers something like that.

Even though it is not as fast as a Ferrari or agile like Porsche 911, I still love Continental GT! And hopefully there is new one, actually face-lifted model. As the Continental family based on VW Phaëton and it is recently face-lifted, so this is not something sudden to happen. I am not expecting Continental to become totally different but it makes me excited!

Unfortunately press release and its dedicated web site do not provide enough images but I am hoping that, they won’t be too much common interior parts with VW. The current model unfortunately has too much similarity. Even though, Continental GT is an amazing car. But it is quite hard to drive one so easy!

I think I can define Continental family as the combination of British aristocracy with German engineering. And please Volkswagen, don’t make Bentley into a “people” wagen by sharing every kind of detail !

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