Plastic details in Mercedes

Automotive world’s most technological, internet involved and entertaining content creator Mercedes achieved something exquisite again! Mercedes revealed the face lifted huge coupe CL Class recently. And immediately released a footage on Mercedes Benz TV which was taken place in Nice, France.
Actually CL is my favourite car in Mercedes range. It does not have the boredom of S Class and preferred by people who like to drive cars. However Mercedes is overpricing CL to compete with Bentley, Aston Martin but it does not work that well.
Anyway, Mercedes released a new video of CL shoot in Nice, France. When you watch the video, you would definitely desire to own one immediately. The movie is very well made to motivate people to go after a CL and you can feel the professionalism in details.
Unfortunately Mercedes PR team dismissed one minor point. The CL 600 which was highlighted on footage is one of the most overpriced Mercedes model on range currently. And when you pay enormous amount of money, you don’t want to have things called plastic! Or at least don’t show it on TV!
The plastic in CL ? Yes, there are two in black colour! And they are placed at the end of the steering wheel. They are the paddle shifts to control gearbox from the steering wheel. Actually cheaper Mercedes models have plastic paddle shifts (I was thinking like that until now) but Mercedes did not wish to limit this exclusivity to cheaper models and offers in CL also!
As you can see the paddle shift at the back of the steering wheel is plastic. Actually they suppose to be aluminium or something like that, because I never seen plastic one in neither S Class nor CL ever. Most probably Mercedes is charging extra for better looking paddle shifts. And they forgot this point while shooting this video. Very interesting!
In a Mercedes CL 600 which cost 165 000 € and Mercedes is probably charging extra money to avoid plastic paddle shifts. I don’t criticize this but at least try to appear car’s with full options and features!
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