Sex Sells: Ferrari

Unfortunately I could not write anything on my blog on Friday due to 12 hours of travel from UK to Turkey. Adverse effects of low cost airlines :)

Today I found a reason to buy an iPhone! I am sure that you will agree with me on this. Today my friend found a Ferrari application on iTunes for iPhone. It is not a driving simulation or to create your own Ferrari or race for less fuel. This application is bringing the pure pleasure of Ferrari!

You can drive the Ferrari you wish. You won’t be driving around a circuit or in a road. You will be seeing only rev meter and speedometer and real Ferrari sound. I am not kidding, there six Ferrari models are available (458, F430 Scuderia, F430 Cabrio, 612, 599 and California). All these each models has its unique instrument panel and you can speed up either with in manual mode or in automatic mode. You can rev up to limiter and feel the real Ferrari pleasure.

Unlike any car game, it is not very easy to see the maximum speed. You have to push really hard to see. Especially with 458, you can see 325kph but you should know how to push the gas pedal! And each model is offering its own engine sound, that’s really unbelievable, I am sure that Ferrari spent a lot of time to develop this application with appropriate engine sounds.

And also you can test your ability to differentiate engine noise! You really don’t need to have a degree on music, you need the passion! Also there is a cheating function or a small bug. During the test, if you hold the gap between car models times is not counting!

This is the best iPhone application I have ever tried. I hope that they will be offering higher image quality but even this is enough to push adrenaline into your blood :)