The coolest driver’s sun glass

Jason Barlow who is a great automotive journalist and currently writing in GQ UK and CAR magazines. Recently I read one of this article about driving sunglass; as he is writing in GQ this means that Jason has a sense of fashion unlike Jeremy Clarkson. So we can trust on Jason’s choices and mostly he is very good at that.
But in recent advice for driver sunglass was terrific. He suggested a brand called Serenti, actually I never heard of it and made some research on internet. As far as I can say, they are very good at optic business and they also have very clever designs. But the one which was recommended by GQ UK website was the worst one. A sun glass which looks like it is covered with animal print and looks really bad.
I don’t think that you would like to drive your Italian sport car with this sun glass. For that reason I did some research and found a better option. Unlike Jason’s article I don’t whether it has spectra control or photochromic or some other things which I have no idea. My recommendation is Italia Independent! They are Italian fashion company with great sense of design. I don’t care whether it has sensotronic something or ABS or air brake like Serenti but it looks excellent. Also it is offering ten different colours and one carbon fibre option! Yes, there is a carbon fibre sun glass :)
Sorry Serenti, carbon fibre is more sexy than sensotronic reflexive ABS system. I know Italia Independent may not offer the same comfort in some conditions but you will look much much better with them. And it is bit more expensive, if you could afford to buy an Italian car you can afford to buy this sun glass!
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