There is a better way to waste your money with Audi again

Brand extension, if you have a degree on marketing you will be familiar with this. In order to increase profit, company can extend the brand into different area. Time to time, it can some stupid areas also! In automotive business, brand extension is very well established by Ferrari and Porsche.
Ferrari Store and Porsche Design are catching more attention than their cars (sometimes) and their demand is increasing faster than the cars. As the other competitors notice this extension business, they started also. Mercedes, BMW, Audi and others. However the most funny one is the Audi!
They think that, Audi is like Ferrari and can sell anything with Ferrari label on it. Sorry, this rule is only and only acceptable with Ferrari. Just put Ferrari logo to anything and someone will buy it. Actually the rest of the brand except Porsche, do not have the same attention like Ferrari. But Audi is trying to change this by labelling pointless things with high prices.
Recently Audi released Foosball table on their merchandise store with Audi logo. There is no problem with that but the interesting thing is the price. If it was Ferrari, I won’t say anything because Ferrari does not have a car called Audi A3 TDi which has very high tendency to create black smoke! This Foosball table from Audi is £10 000! Yes, there are four zeros! It is nearly €12 000 or $ 15 000 for something with Audi logo. And it is limited edition !
I really wonder who is going to buy this ridiculously priced merchandise! This is the second pointless thing from Audi after A7!
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