Why we buy Italian Cars? That’s love pain!

Why we Love Italian Cars? This is the second unanswered question after what is the solution for love pain! Italian cars don’t have very good reputation in automotive industry, especially for reliability. Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lancia created some questions marks in everyone had, especially Alfa Romeo and Maserati were the king of trouble making! Many people were complaining about their Alfa Romeo or Maserati and they were talking about how it broke down on that street, on the bridge and etc. Of course I cannot consider them as a royal customers, they would probably never bought anything Italian.
But did this change the attitude towards Italian cars? Of course no. If you love car, you should love one Italian brand even if you don’t buy it. I did not say even if you cannot afford it. When I had my old Ford Focus in 2004, I had chance to Alfa Romeo 147 but I didn’t! Because I was afraid. Now I would definitely buy an Alfa Romeo MiTo, it is very sexy.
Many people were saying, don’t buy Italian cars but none of those brand were bankrupted! Actually Fiat bought all of them and saved them. This is the reality and they are still in business, also they are more reliable. There is only a slight problem with their reputation.
Recently I read an academic article which was mentioned on newspapers. In Rutgers University in USA, some scientists decided to investigate love pain. I really don’t know why they did this. Anyway, they found some people and them inside machine and they spotted the place on brain. Yes, the place which makes us malfunction when we are rejected or suffer from love sickness. Unfortunately I don’t have right to publish the images but we won’t understand anything from that.
The important point which I found out from the academic paper, Italian cars have the same impact on people. They are touching the same spots in the brain like love and when we lost our Italian car, we cannot forget it very easily. From the research, as the time passes the pain is diminishing but you can see Italian car very easily and you can buy one also. So you will not suffer from the pain.
From the combination from the academic research and my observations; I can suggests that Italian cars is touching the love points in our brains and we fall in love with those cars. Even though we know that Italian cars are not reliable, we try our chance once in a life time. For that reason, they still make profit. I am proud to find the answer for this unsolvable question.

The best picture to define this love is from Diesel’s advertisement campaign! Italian car needs “the balls” to own :)

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