Again a new Porsche 911

I have been complaining about the Porsche 911’s wide ride of variation. And they made it worse! Now Porsche offers twenty different 911s. You might a classic or S or four wheel S or plain four wheel or Turbo or Turbo S or GT3 or GT2 RS or GT3 RS or cabrio or GTS and this goes forever. Recently they revealed the 911 GTS with 408 horsepower and now they revealed 911 Speedster with 408 horsepower again but texturing of classic design bits. However they are not that fast like 911 GT2 RS with 620 horsepower! But they are better than plain 911s; and we can assume that if you are buying a 911 Carrera you will be one of the most boring rich person! Because, you did not buy the more exciting models. May be you don’t want to be exciting, you only wish to drive a 911 without any unnecessary features.
I really get bored of writing about 911s pointless product line extension. I really wonder when they will notice this is not going anymore! In Porsche everything is based on perfect engineering but Porsche let engineers to involve with marketing department and offers vehicles even the dealers have no idea what really the differences are! And I found the reasonable person, August Achleitner. I think I won’t be writing about 911’s complicate structure :)
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