Audi RS5’s new advertisement

I have never been a fan of Audi except the pre-war models. I always feel the VW in an Audi and it never created the same feeling which I always feel with Mercedes or BMW. For me Audi is a better built, luxury VW. Unfortunately this is based on the cost minimization and sharing parts. As mentioned in BBC TopGear magazine, Audi A1 share parts with VW Polo, Polo shares parts with Seat Ibiza, Ibiza shares parts with Skoda Fabia. Basically Audi A1 shares parts with Skoda Fabia. This kind of complicated relationship cannot be observed in Mercedes or BMW.
However Audi did something very original and lack of VWness! RS5 advertisement. I can clearly say that Audi RS5 has one of the very good advertisements which give the messages directly. Perfection in details, superb performance! Will I ever buy it? Nope!
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