Donut taste Mini application

I don’t like to consume or prefer pointlessly popular brands like Mini and Apple. I don’t say these brands are bad or worthless but they are over exaggerated. They might be offering very special functionality but their emotional benefits placed higher than the functionality.
However I own an iPhone 4 which drives me crazy all the time but I like the application very much. Especially there is one application that I was waiting for long years. It is like waiting for a hot donut from Krispy Kreme. iStore is not offering donut! It is the Mini’s iPhone application, Mini Connected!
This new application is offering very basic but very satisfying function. You can see what is wrong in your car by connecting your iPhone to your Mini. I know this sounds a bit weird but I always envy the machines in workshop which diagnosis the car’s problems. And it is nearly impossible to own one, because they are very expensive. However Mini is offering this satisfaction free by iPhone!
Also you can see the level of your fuel, range and total distance. These are board-computer functionalities but the diagnosis is a great function! Unfortunately I don’t have a Mini and I could not test the diagnosis function. But I won’t be buying a Mini to try this function. I just liked it :)
If you wish you to understand what is wrong in your Mini, you have the application! I hope that other manufacturers will also offering this donut taste application.

iTunes link: Mini

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