John Griffiths should be in Financial Times

I have just recently heard shocking news from AutomotivePR’s twitter. Financial Times great automotive journalist John Griffiths will not be in Financial Times anymore. I cannot believe why FT decided this kind of interesting decision. FT is a finance newspaper and reviews on new cars may not be familiar with the content but FT is not that entertaining for everyone. I have been reading more than five or six years and I learned many valuable knowledge through their respectful journalist. However my main concern to read FT is to know about automotive world and read Griffiths reviews. Beside FT, I read BBC TopGear and CAR Magazine but it is nice to hear from a different perspective about cars. By the way Griffiths was very kind to answer emails, I can imagine his workload and finding time to replying email is a big effort.
I hope that FT will not turn into hard core finance newspaper and lots many readers. I subscribed to FT for automotive news not for hedge funds or stock exchange details.
By the way, sorry for the Audi Q5 I was in hurry to find his articles :)