Limits of art: Ford Kuga

Last week I received an email about Ford Kuga’s artistic event. Kuga is the new mid-size SUV from Ford. It is based on Ford Focus chassis but looks much better than a Focus. Actually after Mondeo, it is the best looking Ford on market, I am including American Ford also. Kuga’s design is beyond Ford’s limit. If it was badged with BMW, it will be the most selling SUV on market.
Unfortunately I did not have chance to drive it. Actually I was not invited to this event, I just received an email. I hope that I can attend to next event. And have chance to try it, but I want to try its limit on off road. It is the new generation artificial four wheel drive cars, they are just designed to park comfortably over the pavement. That’s main reason why many people are buying them :) Therefore nobody is expecting these vehicles to cross Amazon forest. But I still want to see its capabilities.
The interesting fact with Kuga is the transmission. Ford woke up and realized that automotive world has changed and started to offer double clutch automatic gearbox (PowerShift). But in a Ford way! VW also offers the same technology with DSG brand. Basically they are the same but no! I don’t know why but Ford added a torque convertor to PowerShift gearbox. Torque converter is mechanical part between in traditional automatic gearbox and the engine. It is transferring power from engine to gearbox. But in double clutch technology, there are two clutches for this job and Ford added something extra.
I don’t think that engineers in Ford got crazy and added extra weight to gearbox. It should be either patent limitation or comfort reasons. Anyway, I cannot say it is good or bad until I drove one.
The Ford Kuga’s artistic event was amazing also. Ian Cook known as Popbang Colour, painted a Ford Kuga picture with tyres and remote control cars. I think there are no ways a picture can be more related with cars! This is the limit engagement of art with cars. By the way, controlling a remote control car is much more harder than driving a real car, keep in mind ;)
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