Mercedes’s small monster, A190 Twin from 1998 !

1998 sounds like yesterday for me but twelve years has passed away like a blink of an eye. Internet was very slow, Google was not invented at all, nobody knew anything about blogging, ABS was in the option list and CO2 emissions did not catch any interest all.

In 1998, I was studying for university examination and reading cars magazines. I wish that I did not throw away those magazines! But I still remember some interesting bits from past. Like twin engine Mercedes A Class. I did not make mistake, that’s right! Mercedes A190 Twin. I think it never been sold but driven by Mika Hakinnen and David Coulthard. It had two 1,8 litre 125 horsepower engines. One of them was position in front as usual and the other one was positioned at the spare tyre’s place.

Mercedes A Class has a very weird engine and it can be placed this kind of strange places. At those times, nobody was caring about the CO2 levels of this car and I could not find any information about this. The second engine can be switched on and off by a button place under electric window buttons. If you wish to speed up, you can run the second engine and A Class turn into four wheel, twin engine monster :) In total it was producing 250 horsepower and reaching 100 kph in less than six second. If I am wrong, please let me know.

I know this is a history but I would like to add to my blog for other people to find out more about this iconic monster. I usual criticize Mercedes with their interesting decisions but they know how to make sensational and impressive cars. Like Mercedes CLK GTR, Mercedes A190 Twin. I am sorry but neither SLR nor SLS AMG has their soul of essence. Mercedes used to be producing cars to satisfy passion!

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