New Bentley Continental GT

I don’t like to publish about new car pictures or news. You can find all these things from many web sites. Sometimes I ignore my own rule like today, because new Bentley Continental GT is revealed today. Unfortunately I missed the online event and now I am trying to find it! I found a video in YouTube.
It is not a new model, a face lift. But a serious facelift! Now the front end has similar design with Mulsanne and unfortunately shares very similar interior with new VW Phaëton. That’s normal because this car is based on a Phaëton. Actually I don’t care, Continental is a great car!
As usual Continental GT offers the most exquisite luxury and craftsmanship. W12 engine is now producing 575 horsepower and 699 nm torque. This amount of torque is enough to change Moon’s orbit. And also helps to reach 100 kph in 4,4 second. This is a very good performance for something which weight nearly two and half tonnes!
Now it is offering eight speed automatic gearbox for better performance and better fuel economy. I really wonder who cares fuel economy while buying a Bentley! And in near future there will be a 4 litre V8 engine for poor people.
In other words, Bentley Continental GT offers whatever you want to have in a car. Fast, four wheel drive, luxury, nice looking, German technology, British aristocracy. Unfortunately expensive.
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