New family living space VW Passat

As Paris Motor Show 2010 is getting sooner, we start to see new models. VW released the new Passat’s pictures. Honestly I have never liked Passat, it is always have the boring family car feeling. It had too much family for a car. Thanks to its previous designs, Passat became a part of fertility. When you have more kids, you shift to Passat.
Hopefully this time VW designed much better looking car. Like previous model, it has some design bits from Audi, especially A8 but this time it looks really nice. Actually I don’t see any reason to buy Audi A4 with small engines, just buy Passat they are the same thing! Also Passat will feature crash prevention system until 20 kph, system breaks the car to stationary. Speeds above 20 kph, you will hit to the car in front, so money is makes the difference. Pay more and let car stop by itself without any speed limitation. The other interesting fact is the sleep presentation system. Don’t worry there is no cold water spray for your face to wake up, like in Mercedes it will be beeping to wake you up.
Petrol engines starts from 1,4lt 120 horsepower and diesel starts from 1,6lt 105 horsepower. I think we should wait a bit to see better engines. However VW Passat worth a chance to replace your Ford Mondeo.
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