Range Rover Evoque iPhone application

Range Rover Evoque is a new era for Land Rover. Like its unusual size for Land Rover family, everything for Evoque is unusual. From the press event to its brand ambassador (Victoria Beckham). Land Rover has big hopes for this new micro SUV. I am saying micro, because it is micro sized when you compare with Discovery 4!
Even though Evoque will be offered with front wheel drive, pleasured is not limited. Sure, it won’t be a very good off roader vehicle but nowadays nobody cares this! Involving with popular culture is more important than being a proper off roader.
Since Evoque was revealed I was saying on my blog, release an iPhone application to communicate with a wide range people and inform about Evoque. Hopefully they did it :) Young & Rubicam London Office developed a Range Rove Evoque application for iPhone.
Today I had chance to try it and it is amazing. It is not giving information about technical details or you can experience the Evoque on off road terrain. Actually they should add these features after Paris Motor Show event.
Current function is mapping your route. Yes, sound very simple but the outcome is unbelievable. This idea is under the Pulse of The City concept. The application traces your journey and generates a very high quality image from that. Sounds pointless but the outcome is gorgeous. I never thought that my way to grocery was amazing like this :)
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