VW Touareg’s unusable iPhone game

VW Touareg has never been an adorable car for me. It was the break-even point for VW. It was the movement from peoples’ car to wealthy peoples’ car. And they achieved very successfully. Now VW is an expensive people car. Also it is very well made!
However Touareg was a disaster for me. I drove it once but it was not something special. Just a new VW. And many people shared similar feelings with me and VW introduced the new Touareg. It looks much much better than the older model. At least you won’t be scared when you see on street. I saw one last week, it was looking nice.
In addition to its new style, it is built much better than former model and offers very sophisticated technologies. Intelligent light system, 8 speed automatic, clever radar guided cruise control, accident prevent system which breaks by itself. Basically you cannot have an accident with new Touareg. But still it is senseless! I know Range Rover, BMW X5 and Mercedes M Class are not perfect but they offer something different. Range Rover is the castle with wheels, X5 is the sporty lorry, M Class is Mercedes.
In spite senseless character of Touareg, I am very optimistic for sales performance. It looks different, well built, I am sure that it is riding better than previous model. Customers do not care too much of details nowadays, they just own something special, unique and look expensive. VW knows the game.
Why I wrote this thing now? Last two weeks I am trying to finish VW Touareg iPhone game. But I cannot! I am using computer for nineteen years and I am terrible on games. However iPhone games supposed to be easy! But it is bloody hard! Actually the Touareg’s reactions on game are very similar to real life. Because SUV are not designed to be nimble expect BMW X5 and X6. And game is pushing you to be fast with Touareg in a circuit which was replicated from a carpet patterns. I am sure that you tried to play with your car on carpet with its ridiculous corners. This game is the same :) And if you are older than fifteen, just forget to finish it!

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