W H Y ?

Many people are asking this question to me. Why are you writing a blog? Do you make money? No. Are you doing guerilla marketing? No. Do you have any sponsors? No. And people end with, what is the point !?! I don’t have any financial benefits from this blog. There is no return from this blog. Actually I have advertisement by Google but I can only made $ 2,88! And I just added yesterday for a test drive :)
For many people, “no return” condition is a serious issue. If there is no benefit, why I should waste my time. But for me, this is not a waste of time. Instead, this is a fun for me. Before this blog, I was writing comments on news especially in TopGear’s website. And I was waiting for my comment to be confirmed and you can imagine the rest. Also I was sharing my thoughts with people but that’s very limited also.
So the blogging is the only opportunity to save my ideas in a place where I can read at any time and anyone can read at any time. I don’t like to write about my experience during a test drive because there are millions of web pages for this. I like to combine different ideas with cars! I am finding a path between very irrelevant topic and cars.
This creative process does not take much of my time. As I like reading different types of magazines, I can find interesting topics all the time. Also I would like to thank Mercedes-Benz for revealing very interesting news to support my blog :) Without Mercedes-Benz I could not post this much of articles!
This is the story! I only wish to share my thoughts with other people. Hopefully Google is very generous to bring new people every day. And I cannot forget my twitter friends :)