A new Bentley Continental for poor people

Finally, Bentley is going to offer a reasonable priced car :) For long decades Bentley was only purchased by really rich people. It was a symbol wealth, traditional sports with British heritage. Anyway time is passing and iPod generation people is looking for something else and Bentley’s uncle Audi decided to inherit a new engine to Continental models.
In 2012, Bentley is going to offer 4,0lt V8 engine in Continental models with “reasonable” prices, this is my suggestion. In addition to this, there would be double clutch gearbox (DSG) available. As far as I know, as the engine becomes more powerful it needs heavier transmission to cope with huge amount of torque. And I also know that DSG gearbox is heavier than conventional automatics, so this new model might have some extra weight. Anyway, DSG is very good decision for Continental family. This gearbox changes gear seamlessly and it offers the F1 pleasure in your daily car.
Continental Family with V8 engine will generate very respectful demand. Okay, that will be the slowest Continental but also it will be cheapest one.

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