A new taste from Buick

As you might notice I don’t write about US industry that much, as I don’t have time left writing about Mercedes-Benz. But now there is something very interesting, sudden and special. Buick (GM’ brand) has never been my favourite or close to favourite brand with interesting cars named similar to Croissant. But this time Buick revealed something very special, of course they are not going to offer a car called Tiramisu, they are going to produce 1,4lt turbo charged four cylinder engines with 140 horse powers (200 nm of torque). That’s excellent news for US auto industry but the engine will be available in 2012! At that time, VW might be producing engines 0,4lt with 200 horse powers.
At least GM is trying their best to engage with global world! I really appreciated their decision but they should have done it much earlier! Unfortunately there is no point to have a huge V8 engine only capable of producing 300 horse powers.
I hope one day they will be producing small diesel engines in US market! By the way Croissant inspired car is called LaCrosse. Actually, LaCrosse looks excellent for Buick. It is out of league of Buick! Believe me if you stick an Audi logo in front this car, it would sell much more :)

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