Achtung! Google

Google’s driverless car became very popular news in everywhere but nobody mentioned the threat! I am not a computer engineer but I do know that; whatever Google works on something, it mostly ends up with success. GMail, Google Earth, GoogleDocs, Google Translate, Android operation system and many other products. And with each product Google becomes a major competitor and sometimes removes some of its competitors, like Nokia vs. iPhone. Nowadays it is Google Android vs. iPhone!
Google Driverless car might seem a testing or project from Silicon Valley guys but this is an important threat to automotive firms especially Bosch and Siemens. These two companies are the manufacturers of engine control units. What is engine control management? Basically, that is everything for your car. It controls engine and its unit also it communicates with other modules like traction control, stability control, radar guided cruise control, automatic breaking system, electric need of the other modules and components. Basically it is the core of the car! And Google’s car is planning to enter this market.
Google is very clever, every new car on earth has engine control unit and other components and market is mainly supplied by Bosch and Siemens. And very profitable! However it is extremely hard to enter this business, you cannot assign your Google Earth team to develop automotive software, because it will end up with catastrophe. In automotive dictionary, catastrophe means accidents and destroying the brand reputation. Therefore car companies may not be a very happy to work with a company which have no experience in automotive except Google Street View car!
This does not mean that Google can create its own automotive department and offer Android for your engine! For that reason, Bosch and Siemens should consider this stupid Toyota Prius driven by Google Search Engine! As I can see from the pictures, Google is recording every kind of information from the car’s sensors. Automotive guys, I know you understood what I mean!

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