Cabin crew take off position !

Paris Motor Show 2010 became an important event for brands like Jaguar. Especially being top news on Financial Times for their unknown future, Paris Motor Show is a great opportunity to show that Jaguar is back to business again.
Actually the way they are back is also very interesting, because they revealed a concept vehicle which is producing 780 horse powers with four electric engines and enough amount torque to change the world’s orbit. Like many of you I guessed this car has a shorter range than a remote control car. 780 horse powers from electric engines is something really unusual, you have to tow a power plant all the time. But Jaguar’s engineers found a solution that is weird also! Turbine power for producing electricity. C-X75 only offers around 75 km with batteries and that’s really reasonable. But the minimalist turbines are capable of burning anything! Diesel, LPG, petrol, natural gas, ethanol and anything which can be burnable. And reaching top speed of 350 kph! To reach 100 kph it only needs 3,4 seconds and that’s really quick for a car which runs with everything.
I am pretty sure that many people would like to have this car. It runs with everything, you are not limited with any type of fuel, you can put what is available. Actually which is cheaper! And you have chance to rev up to 80 000 rpm but they are turbines, you will be making noise similar to an Airbus.
I did not like the car that much, especially the design. May be we got use to see supercars from Ferrari and Lamborghini and when a new model comes up we always judge with those measures.
And this is the first time for a car to have propulsion system and gas turbines !
Technical Specifications
Propulsion System & Transmission
Electric motor Four 145kW (195bhp) traction motors (580kW/780bhp total)
Generator Two switched reluctance generators
Range Extender power 2 x 70kW (94bhp) gas micro-turbines (140kW/188bhp total)

Batteries Lithium-ion

Total Battery Capacity (kWh) 19.6
Transmission Single-speed
Final Drive Ratio 3.1:1

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