EcoBoosted dancers in Ford KA, Tony Guy Event

Today was the last of day of Ford KA and Toni Guy event in Bullring, Birmingham. Yesterday I did not have time to take a video of dancers in event. They did the same show every one hour I guess, or every 45 minutes. I am not sure about the timing but they were very energetic. Hopefully today I manage to take a full dancing show of EcoBoosted dancers.
I am sure you will be asking what is EcoBoost? This is the new engine technology in Ford cars. Small engines are coupled with turbo and they produce more power and consume less fuel. Also current 2,0lt engine turn into V6 engines with the help of turbo! Now you can understand why I called the dancers EcoBoosted :)

The iTunes link for the song
Party Girl, McFLY

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