Google Android Car

Since 2000 Google became a part of our daily life and we cannot live without it. Google also know this very well and releases new application all the time to strength our relationship. Their last attempt Google Android is an important signal for our future.
This Linux based mobile operation system is an open source system, which means you have the codes and if you know enough programming, your washing machine can be controlled by Google Android. From this point of view, it is very clear that Google will be in everywhere in following years. And we all know that Google is becoming part of automotive life but taking steps very slowly and carefully.
Google Earth and Google Search are now available in BMW and Audi but this is just the beginning. In following years, Google or a car manufacturer will release Google Android Car! This will be running in our navigation screen and like today we will be controlling everything from there. I don’t think Google will interfere with engine management. But they will take a place in human-machine interface. As Android is free and Google has a better reputation than Microsoft, cars with Google Android is not something very utopic! In addition to this, I am pretty sure that we would be able to install application to our car’s navigation screen!
Just remember the mobile phones ten years ago ;)

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