Google: GDrive

Our lovely brand Google spent time and created a new project for us. As you know that, Google is offering everything free to us! I really don’t know why they have high amount of love towards. However their services are the most sophisticated ones. After one decade, our computers turned into a machine to connect Google, nothing else. Sure, Facebook too! Without Google computer will be a bit useless.
Google realized this fact and they invested on automotive business. And their CEO told something very interesting. His suggested that, if cars were invented after computers there wouldn’t be accidents. The cars would be driven by computers and computers never make mistake! Yes, computers never make mistake. They just destroy everything in couple seconds, and they are very good at this thing. Honestly, Google services working really well when you compare with Microsoft! But still when it goes off, it terribly goes off.
Based on the Google’s suggestion, computers will be better drivers than us. So, if you are very sure about this interesting statement, why the airplanes are still operated by human !?! Current commercial airplanes have the most sophisticated computers and they nearly make no mistake but there are still pilots! Based on Google’s suggestion everything should be controlled by computers and when the computer crashes everything will crash.
Unfortunately I do not agree with this. Even though Google’s driverless Toyota Prius had no incident for 140 000 miles (224 000 KM). And this is a very good result for a car which is driven by chips. However; if this car’s chip misinterpret the environment and go crazy, I cannot imagine the consequences and it would be worse than human mistakes.
My suggestion to Google; they should keep developing this technology but also they should focus on educating the drivers at the same time! Google can open GDrive service to educate drivers about dangerous driving. Instead making interesting statements, Google can both develop driverless car and train people.
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