I know the next Stig!

After seven years of curiosity, we finally found out who is the Stig. Honestly Ben Collins’s appearance on FifthGear might boost the ratings but it will not create the same attention. We all know who is the Stig and his capabilities. So the case is closed now.
However the new Stig case is just beginning. Someone is going to take place of the Stig and we have no clue about what will happen next. And while looking at Stig’s book (I didn’t start reading), I noticed that Jordan (aka. Katie Price) has a special place! Especially her aggressive driving style was a very remarkable moment of TopGear! And her pinky style. Interesting some websites are talking about pink Stig. We had black and white Stig, now we may have a pink one or a gray one. I guess pink will be more colourful for the show!
When I combine two notions together, I found out something! The next Stig is Katie Price. She loves pink, drives aggressively on TopGear track, there are many rumours about Stig’s colour. So the I am nominating Katie Price as the next Stig :) With pink Stig, TopGear can have the highest ratings on earth !!!

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