Maybach Coupe

I can clearly remember the day when I first saw the Maybach. It was 2004 and it was unforgettable moment for me. However Maybach’s future was not that exciting, after Rolls Royce Phantom’s appearance Maybach lost its market share suddenly. It was excellent car with lack of passion. Honestly, Maybach offers more sophisticated technologies than Rolls Royce but Maybach is mainly based on old Mercedes S Class! Especially the interior is exactly an old Mercedes S Class.
Therefore it did not take long time to release the reality of Maybach by consumers and they moved to Rolls Royce. What they have done is the right thing to do. When you have chance to buy a Rolls Royce, you should not focus on Maybach. Many people thought like this and Maybach sales come close to zero. There are still rumours about Maybach’s future and it is a huge question mark. As Rolls Royce getting better and better, Maybach is getting worse and worse.
Recently Mercedes focused on Chinese market to sell excess Maybachs and that’s a very good idea. At least one percentage of China decides to buy a Maybach, Mercedes can clear out the whole warehouse.
But there is good news for Maybach a coupe is coming! Yes, Maybach coupe will be produced but not from Mercedes. Companies called Xenatec will be producing Maybach coupe cars and selling from € 675 000! Price is a bit high but Maybach couple looks amazing. Just forget the boring looking stretched limo, this is something totally different. It is real substitute for Bentley Continental, Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe! It looks amazing, I think Mercedes should have done it earlier.

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