Mystery of London: A Bentley vault

In Sherlock Holmes, there is always a mystery, unknown, something beyond laws of physics. But in the end, he found clear answers to whole mystery. The Sherlock Holmes movie was reflecting the mystery parts of London, I think that is beyond the movie. London was always mystery and will be mystery. We may have no idea what is lying under the streets of London, what is hidden insides the buildings.
There are many internet phenomena, lots of documentaries and they all nourish our curiosity about London. And we have no idea what were surrounded in London, because we only see the buildings we cannot see what is underneath.
Yesterday, I saw a London mystery! That’s in the middle of London and anyone who visited London would have probably walked around this place. A Bentley vault! Usual vault is used for “wines” not for cars, but if you ever see thirteen Bentleys under a building with an exquisite architecture, you can use this word.
From the pictures, you can clear realize my exciting at that moment and shook the camera. I have never seen thirteen Bentleys in one place. This is not something which you can face every day, actually some people never ever see a Bentley in their whole life. Hopefully I manage to spot thirteen at the same time and at the same place.
There were ten Continentals, two Arnages, one Brookland. The team was excellent, only Mulsanne was missing! Unfortunately, I am not going to tell where this place is, like National Geographic documentaries and keep the curiosity as a pleasure!