Nominee for Ford KA’s hair style event

I have just heard about an event for Ford KA and after this event, KA is going to be the official girl car! This new Ford KA is technically based on Fiat 500 which is a better looking car. Due to maximization cost and minimizing the pleasure strategy of Ford, they are sharing platform with Fiat to reduce manufacturing costs. But will any girl dare this fact? Of course no! Therefore, who cares the platform of Ford KA when it has a very charming design :)
In following weeks Ford KA will have hair style competition powered by Toni & Guy. I used the word powered to emphasize automotiveness soul in events. You will upload your picture to Ford KA’s Facebook page and if you receive many “likes”, you will have chance to have your hair done by Toni &Guy. After that you will be nominated as the stylish person. And you will have chance to drive Ford KA for two months.
But I know the winner :) Actually he does not know that he is the winner but he should be nominated as the spiritual winner of the Ford KA style event. As you can guess he is Richard Hammond from BBC TopGear. His hair is looking much better than Vicky Butler-Henderson and I can clear say, Richard has the best hair in automotive business.
Newcastle, Metro Centre – 15th-16th October
Birmingham, Bullring – 22nd-23rd October
London/Kent, Bluewater – 29th-30th October
Manchester, Arndale Centre – 13th-14th November
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Ford, BBC TopGear