Olive Oil vs. Winter Tyre

I am in UK nearly for two years and I noticed two things; first there is no olive oil in pubs and second nobody uses winter tyres. During last two winters, we could not see the impact of global warming and it snowed. This white thing dropping from sky was quite unusual for UK, nearly for 18 years it did not snow and they had no idea how to drive in snow.
The first time nobody was aware of winter tyre and they suffered really badly. The good part of driving with summer tyres while snowing, you can make new friendships. You don’t need to have a Facebook account to know the driver in front you or the one who is going to hit you from the rear. Thanks to summer tyres inadequate traction on snow, you can meet with anyone on street. But I said you can meet, I did not say you can be very close friends. Most probably both of you will crash in an ungentle way and the results of the collision will be remembered for a quite long time.
Now it is going to snow next week and I did not see any car with winter tyres. By the way, there are no olive oils in pubs. If you are lucky, you might find an olive oil in a pub but you have to search for that place, however there is no chance to see a car with winter tyres despite the last two years’ experience. I can predict only this, British people love to meet people while driving or skidding! Continental’s UK Twitter page is providing very useful information for winter tyres. These rubber things can really change your life! If you don’t wish to join pub from hospital, try winter tyres ;)
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