Stig, Tigs, Igst, Gsti, Stig = Ben Collins

Since last seven years automotive industry was looking for an answer to a very important question! That’s not lowering CO2 emissions or selling more cars to people who already own one. Their main problem was The Stig. He was the person or something which can push the limits of any object with four wheels attached to an engine. He was the TopGear’s top secret mission. His identity was much better protected than Intel’s new CPU technology.
But the dream end up quicker than everyone expected. As we all know that, Ben Collins did not like his pay check and started writing a book. Actually I couldn’t get that point. He wrote a book while being Stig. Okay, his book will not be nominated for Nobel Awards but he wrote a book. Many people cannot manage to write one page of something and he wrote book and at the same time he kept working. Besides his ability to pushing limits of cars, he is very well at writing also.
Unfortunately I did not buy his book yet but you can find it very easily. The Man in White Suit and you can order from Amazon or from Blackwell. I am planning to read the book in couple weeks. I am sure it will be a very book to read!
If you are not satisfied by the log book of The Stig, you can hear his voice and watch his face on FifthGear. On their last episode (Season 17, Episode 11) Ben Collins was able to talk and we were able to see him. He was also sarcastic about his previous occupation in BBC and complained for being silent for seven years. Actually we didn’t miss something very exciting!
As usual, FifthGear assigned him very interesting and pointless duties, like driving drag car and trying to achieve some lap time. I am pretty sure that it will be more boring!
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The Stig (I guess)