Symbol of Wealth in 21th Century: More buttons in Porsche Panamera

The symbol of wealth is an important incentive for people buy particular brands, I know this sounds very marketing lecture book but this is the reality. In every time era, people found a way to express their wealth and this is quite easy when you have lots of money to spend. During 18th century, there was something called “window tax” in UK and I am pretty sure that money people had window just to show their purchasing power! In 19th century, there were lots of new inventions to buy and you had chance to travel US by cruise ship called Titanic. But this was not a very effective way to show your wealth

Anyway, now you can buy Vertu phones, shop from Harvey Nichols grocery and literally you have infinite opportunity to show your wealth!

During my last London visit, I have been to Porsche dealer to satisfy pleasures! I did not have chance to check Panamera and Cayenne. Thankfully the Porsche stuff was very kind and I have adequate time to play with the cars. And I noticed something!

If you pay more, you get more buttons in Porsche! Especially in Panamera! Even though some of the buttons do not mean anything but you have extra buttons to push.

There are 23 different buttons in both sides of the gear lever! I did not count the ones above the lever. Just left and right sides. Climate control, suspension firmness, suspension height, exhaust pleasure, traction control off, auto start/stop off, sport, hard core sport, I want to show my rear wind button, rear window something, heated seats and that’s all. I am sure that if you put these buttons in driving license examination half of the candidate would definitely fail!

What we learn from this? If you see more buttons in a Panamera, the owner has money than you have :)


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Me, Porsche