Venti Bentley

Last week my friend Laurence mentioned something in Costa Coffee. The stupidness of sizing your coffee! Every time you have identify the size your coffee or tea; small, medium, large and sometime it is quite pointless. I don’t like it either, because a tea is a tea. The size the same in everywhere, and for coffee also! The size of cappuccino is very clear, you don’t have to express you MBA degree ego to coffee. How I know this, I have MBA also. Based on our training, sorry education every product can be expand in order to increase profit with stupid names. Tall, Grande, Venti! I know each of these names express a capacity but nobody knows it, people are trying to learn them because it sound cool! And this is the side effects of iPod generation.
Unfortunately this MBA obsessed branding strategy virus split to Bentley also. Their “new” vehicle Continental family have different types. The cheapest one with no special name, it means you don’t want something very sporty, you don’t have many horse powers, you don’t want accurate steering wheel or you cannot afford to buy the more expensive one. The second choice is called Speed model, it has 610 horse power (normal one has 555 horse power), it is more sporty, very fast, comfortable, communicative steering wheel and more expensive. And last one is the SuperSports, that is a lunatic car with 630 horse power and can achieve 329 kph (204 mph) without any problem. Actually I don’t know why it is not capable of doing 330 kph! This car is very fast, very sporty, seats are a bit uncomfortable, very fast, has a very sexy bonnet, very fast. And also very expensive!
So I really wonder, why someone wants to buy a slow Bentley? It is against its DNAs of Bentley. Hey, I have a slow Bentley! This does not sound well :( As I mentioned everything has changed now, coffee is being sold with weird sizes, everything has a category, group or something else. Actually this is the iPod era! And I don’t like it. I just want to see a lunatic Bentley with exquisite comfort at the same time.
Tall Bentley Continental (New Model)
Grande Bentley Continental
Venti Bentley Continental