World’s heaviest iPhone applicaton

Ettore Bugatti once said “Bentleys are the world’s fastest trucks”. During 1930s Bentley was known by its extra weights! And this never changed for decades, Bentley is still very heavy and very fast. Bugatti did not forget to mention their speed! Now Bugatti is a very fast truck thanks to its huge engine and gearbox, I cannot say it is a light weight car.
Bentley’s obsession with weight continued on computer world also. Recently they have released an iPhone application. Unlike other application it is 280 MB! That’s heavy weight for computer world. Like their cars, weight is a way of comprising for more comfort. All Bentley’s are heavy weighted but they always offer the most exquisite quality to its customers. They have same idea on their iPhone application also.
It is the one of the best designed iPhone application, especially the quality of high definition videos and photos are amazing. You cannot find detailed information about their cars, it is a mobile catalogue for iPhone. Hopefully despite its heavy weight, application is working very smoothly like a Continental GT Speed!
You can download from iTunes.

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