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A night dress with big pocket by Mercedes-Benz

There are some things in life which you shouldn’t try! Like doing a bungee jumping without a rope, using industrial silicone for having plastic surgey or trying to produce a four door coupe estate. Interestingly Mercedes engineers did it. I don’t know how, but they suddenly decided to produce the world’s most weird looking coupe ever made.
I am pretty sure that, there are hundreds of reasons and lots of imaginary customers ready to buy an estate four door coupe! Like some women are looking for a night dress which has a pockets big enough to swallow everything inside their handbags. The logic is the same! I need for space for my sexy thing. Unfortunately, there is no one looks for a night dress with huge pocket because it ruins the look! Like a coupe which looks like an estate.
Mercedes will be producing a CLS with a huge boot. I have no idea what is the reason for this weird looking car. And I am definitely sure that, there will be senseless AMG version which nobody will ever buy it! An estate coupe car, the point of buying a coupe is have something sporty, not something looks like you will be running to Aldi with your family!

In near future we will see this interesting vehicle on roads, I hope Mercedes will never ever try to produce any dress :) And the dress is from Valentino.

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