Best car for shopping malls: BMW X6 M :O

I don’t like to talk about same topic each day! Okay, this is a car blog and I am supposed to talking about cars, however I don’t like to repeat the same brand every day. But sometimes brands or very interesting incidents motivates me to write about the brand again.
I remember the first time I read Car And Driver Magazine, this is a US car magazine. Probably it was 1989 and it seemed to me very nice magazine because I was only eight years old. Time passed, I became older and I discovered German car magazines. Later on, I discovered the best car magazine the British ones :) They were making fun of each brand and pulling their legs. Also they emphasize the good and bad points in a very nice way. You can see the influence of British car magazines on my blog.
After many years, I just watched a video made by Car And Driver about BMW X6 M. This is the lunatic version of normal X6. It has 555 horse powers, I think this is enough to describe the car. Car & Driver has very interesting criteria to evaluate vehicles. Mainly cars magazines, evaluate cars based on their performance, consumption, design, boringness, sexiness, brand image and many other thing but not based on how is looks in a shopping mall!
Unfortunately Car And Driver did it! They have evaluation criteria of how the car looks like in a shopping mall! I really wonder what kind of motivation caused this criterion to occur. Who cares how a BMW X6 M looks like in a shopping mall! This is luxury, expensive car; it is not for people who are shopping from Wall Mark or some other markets. Hopefully they ticked this for X6 M! I really wonder what they ticked for Hummer H1 :)
Now I can clearly understand why Americans are reading CAR and TopGear Magazines ;)

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