BMW M1 with depressed horses !!!

I always find something in Mercedes-Benz cars funny, either their design or their specifications or their media footages. But this time I found the most ridiculous thing of 2010 from BMW! BMW made introduce the king of ridiculousness in automotive industry and a great opportunity for grey market dealers. As you know that 1 Series coupe will have an M model which was a rumour for very long time. BMW was reluctant to introduce this car as a result of overlapping with M3. But they changed their mind and they will introduce it.
The funny thing with this car is the horsepower. US and Europe models always have a difference horse powers due to US’s emission regulation and this was something very normal. I think BMW felt very sorry for this gap and they added 111 horses more to US version. Yes, US spec BMW M1 is 451 horse powers. On the other hand Europe spec is only 340 horse powers. They have same single turbo three litre engine known as N54B3OTO. But US version has different software for the engine and pumps more power.
Let me tell you what will happen. Jeremy Clarkson will say this thing on TV and make fun of people who have ordered Europe spec M1. Then people will go to BMW dealers and dealers will say NO, you cannot have this car here. Then people will go to grey market to order US spec version. The second scenario is, people will go to BMW dealer again and ask them to upgrade the software, BMW will say NO. Then people will go to privately owned workshop and upgrade the software and void the warranty :)
Basically, BMW release those kept 111 horses to European model also :)
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