BMW’s Unscripted Movies

For me BMW is the 3 Series. Probably the first BMW which encountered at me is the 3 Series (E30) around end of 1980s. After that, I started to like BMW more than Mercedes, at those years nobody was interested on Audi! In 1998, BMW introduced its new 3 Series (E46). For me it is the best looking 3 Series ever made, because after that Bangle destroyed everything with current 3 Series (E90). And years have passed Bangle destroyed everything 3, 5 and 7 Series and lost my interest on BMW. I like the way it is driving character but it was looking horrible. Hopefully, Bangle is not working for BMW’s car design team and we don’t have to bear ugly cars anymore.

Why I did remember all these things? Recently BMW released new series short movies. Unfortunately I did not see any 3 Series yet in these movies but the released two ones are great! Especially the last one with Sabine reminded me the old good looking M5 which was replaced by the ugly one. Okay, the ugly one is also great but it looks ugly! Hopefully there is a new BMW M5 is coming and probably producing 610 horse powers :) I shouldn’t have written this much, just enjoy the movies ;)

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