Evoque reality

Recently I discovered an iPhone application called Wikitude. This application is using the iPhone’s one of the most sexy function, “I can understand my position”. This is the iPhone’s and some of the Android phones hardware ability to detect their position while we are holding them. They can calculate the angle, understand the way which we are heading. Basically they are smart enough to understand theirself :) Wikitude is using a technology called augment reality. I recently heard this thing. Sounds weird but it is integrating virtual world with the real world. With the help of phone’s camera, it can add label to real life.
What is the relation with cars? My suggestion is for Range Rover Evoque (ˈiˈvəʊk). One of the most exciting iPhone applications is being offered by Land Rover for Evoque, pulse of the city. And this augmented reality technology would definitely fit with the brand. Evoque’s spy cars are moving around the world but we don’t know where they are. If you are car freak, you really want to see one. Especially if you are living in London, NewYork City, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Shanghai or in Paris. The Evoques are going around these cities right now. But how to spot them! Land Rover can integrate this augment reality feature to iPhone application and show how far the Evoque’s with from your current position. May be some people might running after the cars.
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