From Toyota iQ to Aston Martin Cygnet

When I read the press release for Aston Martin’ new car Cygnet (which is based on a Toyota iQ), and it relationship with Toyota an idea balloon appeared in my mind. As you might know, Cygnet will not available to people who do not own an Aston Martin. So this is a very basic way to proof that you own an Aston Martin! And you don’t have to drive your Aston Martin to everywhere. For people who love to show off, this is a very practical way.
Back to idea balloon, Cygnet is based on Toyota iQ! Everything is same, engine, transmission and other things. The only difference is exterior and interior design. As a matter of fact, this is an advantage for people who want to own an Aston Martin in a cheaper way. When the Cygnet is available, I am definitely sure that some people will offer detailed face-lift service for iQs. The face-lift service is going to be turning your Toyota iQ into Aston Martin Cygnet. I think the exterior would be a problem but I am sure that some companies can overcome this problem. Face-lift service will charge you a reasonable price to change the exterior and interior. Interior can also be changeable, but it needs lots of stitching and leather. But, still possible :) And you will have Toyota Aston Martin iQ. And many people will be in queue to turn their car into Aston Martin Cygnet.
Where did I get this idiotic idea? Just look at the automotive portals and check companies like Brabus, Alpine, Lorinser, Carlsson, Mansory. All these companies are tuning Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers and many other brands. They totally change the exterior and interior of the vehicles and most of the time, they make something looks much worse but there is a demand for this.
So, if one day you see an advert “Do you want to own an Aston Martin Cygnet? Just Call Us and We Will Help You to Turn Your Toyota iQ into an Aston Martin!”
This car will help Aston Martin to reduce its fleet emission average ;)

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