Italian Passion, German Perfektion

I always try to highlight the passion and soul in Italian cars. They always have a distinctive character and sometime they can drive you crazy, actually most of the times! To understand the difference between German and Italian cars, I found an excellent example.
There are three videos. One from Mercedes-Benz, one from BMW and one from Lamborghini. The content of the videos are the same, engine production and testing. In German videos, there is no music or anything, camera was recording the production with no effects or anything. Just recording what really happening! Technically very nice video but boring but the German engines are the state of the art technology. They are the best engines on earth. Okay some of their engines are not that good but the ones in these videos are excellent :)
On the other hand Lamborghini’s video is expressing the passion and the sensation of the Lamborghini brand. The content of the video is the same, engine production. Hopefully Lamborghini did not lose its soul despite it Germany owner.